BC.GAME Olympus
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Be careful, this game win rate has been changed. Playing at $1 with ANTE BET test= $1.25, 500 spin and no scatter. Trying to buy once $100 and no win. Continue to playing spin and I got nothing. Total lose $600. Better play original game, you will just scammed here.
Bangsat 20x bet los terus Bandar anjing
Game sampah, komentar bagus akun palsu, nyatanya losssss
Be careful of this game. I won 15 free spins, but was stopped after the 5th one for reaching the “max winnings” for my bet. Super sneaky stuff and i wasn’t able to find anything explaining such a limitation in the rules or pay tables. Must be some clause in the pragmatic play terms and conditions or something. Regardless, it was a bit of a let down and i definitely felt i had been ripped off. I finally get my big payout after all I’ve put into bc.game and i get stopped a third of the way through
a game that costs money. It's better to play on a regular site. The site doesn't have bad capital
What is the point of this? Does the game behave differently? Are we to think that an already volatile game will cash out more with the BC.GAME logo in there? I'm inclined to think the opposite.